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Customer Interview – James Heagney, JDH Managment Inc.

February 14, 2012

Here is the first in a regular series of interviews with Quantrix customers.  James Heagney is CEO of a consultancy based in Chicago, Illinois.

Tell us about you and your company:

I am a professional CFO.  I provide CFO services on an outsourced basis for early stage, small and middle market companies.  My clients range from non-profit to technology to brick & mortar style businesses.  Most of my clients engage me because they cannot otherwise afford to pay for a professional CFO, so they hire me on an outsourced basis.

What business challenges lead you to seek out a solution from Quantrix? 

Managing complex workbooks for multiple clients had become unruly and difficult to manage.

How has Quantrix helped you solve those business challenges? 

One of the first things I do when I engage a client is to build a comprehensive, integrated financial plan.  Building such a plan enables me to thoroughly understand the business quickly, and provide advice and guidance accordingly.  Quantrix has enabled me to build these plans, as well as help my clients use them to manage their financial future.

What are the key benefits of the Quantrix solution for your company?  The key benefits I have received from Quantrix have been to dramatically change the way I develop, deploy and manage integrated financial plans for my clients.  I utilize a “FAST” model development methodology, which stands for “Flexible, Accurate, Structured and Transparent model development philosophy.  Quantrix has been a great help in enabling me to deliver such a model to my clients.

What advice would you like to give others interested in Quantrix?

Quantrix has a “hockey stick” learning curve…it goes slow at first, but then all of a sudden the light bulbs go on…so stick with it!

Jim Heagney


If you would like to share with others how Quantrix has impacted your company or career, please send me an email.

David Phillips
(207) 775-0808 ext 108

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