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Multidimensional modeling a key for medical diagnostics

April 14, 2014

One of the most fascinating aspects of working for Quantrix is seeing the different ways that companies use our multidimensional modeling solution. We have plenty of companies using Quantrix Modeler for cash flow forecasting and business planning – but every once in a while we find that one of our customers is using our software to help change the world.

Daktari Diagnostics realizes that diseases such as HIV and AIDS cannot be eradicated until they are diagnosed. It’s relatively easy to do that in the US, but not all countries have access to advanced medical facilities. Daktari’s solution brings the laboratory to the patient – its mobile diagnostic device turns HIV-related test results around within 15 minutes, and has the potential to revolutionize healthcare.

We’re excited that the company is using Quantrix to fine-tune its device. According to company CTO Fred Farber, the ability to create formulas once, drag and drop them into multiple matrices, and view comparisons of multiple dimensions is key to its efforts.

Learn more about how Daktari Diagnostics uses Quantrix Modeler to diagnose its medical device.


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