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Customer Voices: John Taylor, Planning Models Ltd.

May 6, 2014

John Taylor is the Founder and Director of Planning Models Ltd., a UK-based company that specializes in business planning. When at the 2013 Quantrix Seminar by the Sea, he shared some insight into his use of Quantrix for his work developing business planning models to quantify and evaluate alternative strategies and plans. The company has developed models for a variety of markets, including for university student population and tuition fee forecasting, heavy equipment sales and after-market revenue forecasting, software sales pipeline and revenue forecasting, and health care provision planning.

For Taylor, the multidimensionality of Quantrix makes it the right tool for modeling complex business problems, and for developing models for businesses that are either changing or anticipate change on the horizon.

“[Quantrix] more naturally represents the multiple dimensions that occur in business problems,” says Taylor. “There are a lot of multifaceted aspects of planning problems, and that fits more naturally with Quantrix.”

Another benefit is Quantrix’s ability to integrate with a variety of external data sources, including financial systems and operational systems. He uses DataLink to pull information in to his models, and DataPush to export forecasts and plans to his customers’ databases. “It’s very easy to integrate Quantrix within a whole set of systems used in a corporation,” says Taylor.

While Quantrix is technically sophisticated, it is easy to use by business professionals. “To have that degree of control and flexibility without … needing an IT background is one of the selling points,” says Taylor.

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