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Customer Voices: University of Trento’s Luca Erzegovesi

May 29, 2014

Most Quantrix customers use the software to model real-life business problems. Luca Erzegovesi uses Quantrix to teach the next generation of business and finance professionals.

Erzegovesi is Professor of Finance at University of Trento, which serves more than 15,000 students. It recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and is acknowledged as one of the leading universities in Italy.

Erzegovesi has been using Quantrix in the classroom for more than seven years to teach students about financial planning. He says that the reaction to the solution is very enthusiastic, and feels that the ability to match theory about finance to real life is important when teaching.

When he attended the 2013 Seminar by the Sea in Portland, Maine, he spoke on camera about his use of Quantrix in the classroom.

Quantrix offers “great flexibility … in order to bring real life data into your model. You can manage at the same time the clarity of the conceptual model and the complexity of the data that you bring in from accounting systems,” says Erzegovesi.


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