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Track the 2014 World Cup in Quantrix

June 13, 2014

With the 2014 World Cup now underway in Brazil we have dusted off a model we made in 2010 to track the World Cup standings and updated it for this year’s tournament.

Some interesting notes about this model’s functionality:

  • The unique use of the Quantrix presentation canvas to track scores of the Group and Knockout stages
  • The use of Quantrix Scripting to write a custom function that reaches out to Wikipedia to get the country flag images.
  • The use of URL’s on a canvas to navigate to other canvasses and to external website locations.

It’s a fun model to use to do a bit of ‘What-If’ modeling with your favorite team. Model the path to your team’s ultimate victory!

You can view a ‘read-only’ public version of this model on our web based Quantrix Qloud here: (interactive / edit capability is available to user with an interactive subscription to the Quantrix Qloud.)

For a fully interactive model, you can download the version 5.1 model file for your Quantrix desktop application here:

You can download the 30 day free trial of the Quantrix desktop application here:


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