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Customer Voices: James Heagney

June 24, 2014

James Heagney uses Quantrix to create integrated financial plans that help small business utilize cash flow forecasts. He attended the recent Seminar by the Sea, where we had a discussion with him about the benefits of Quantrix vs. spreadsheets.

Heagney finds that while financial reporting is important for all companies, it’s especially critical for businesses that are funded by external partners. “It’s very important…to have very accurate financial reporting tools to report to investors and management to make sure good decisions can be made,” says Heagney.

Creating financial plans is difficult to do with standard tools such as Excel, which is why Heagney sought out a better solution. “[Quantrix] has become my tool of choice for essentially all the financial preparation, financial reporting that I do in the businesses that I get involved in,” he says.

One of the features of Quantrix that he touts is the ease of creating formulas using natural language. “Formula building made easy makes for more accurate formulas,” says Heagney. “It’s a very effective tool for cash flow forecasting.”

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