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Lipkie Consulting Uses Quantrix for Cash Flow Waterfalls

October 31, 2014

At the 2014 Seminar by the Sea, Christie Kent of Lipkie Consulting delivered a presentation to the attendees on developing cash flow waterfalls using Quantrix. We sat down with her during the event to learn more about why she chose Quantrix, and how it has helped her business.

As she notes, she used to use Excel to develop models for clients, until a client asked for a project that could not be done in Excel. She researched numerous financial software packages to find one that would meet her needs, and only Quantrix was able to deliver.

“Quantrix provided a solution that was ideal for this type of cash flow waterfall,” says Kent. “I didn’t have to reproduce the logic over and over – I used the same logic for each level of the waterfall… all I had to do was add another level, and the logic continued.”

In addition, she found that it was easy to add new investors to the model, and simply modify the assumptions. Quantrix has become her primary modeling solution, enabling her to support the complex structures of Lipkie Consulting’s clients.

Kent has discovered that the ease of use of Quantrix is just one benefit: “The accuracy of information is so much better with Quantrix,” she says.

Watch the full video to learn more about Christie Kent’s use of Quantrix to develop cash flow waterfalls.

  1. Pang hock Kiong permalink

    I m a consultant developing a cash flow program for Water Supply Authority using
    Excel. The Authority is currently reviewing the water tariff , and I m trying to complete
    the program and make proposal .
    Any suggestion?

  2. Hello Pang, Thank you for your post here and for the proposal that you sent. Let us get on a call together to discuss your project. Regards, Tom Ahern

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