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Business Pro Uses Quantrix for Business Forecasting and Budgeting

November 17, 2014

Business Pro is a Mexico City-based consulting firm that helps large companies in Mexico and throughout the world to improve their business forecasting and budgeting. At the 2014 Seminar by the Sea, Business Pro’s David Chibras talked with us about his use of Quantrix, and the benefits it has for improving business management.

One of the most valuable features of Quantrix, according to Chibras, is the integrity of the models produced and the insight they deliver. “[Quantrix] gives the capacity to spend more time analyzing the data, not just fixing spreadsheet issues,” says Chibras.

He also notes Quantrix’s ability to develop what-if scenarios – companies can adjust specific points and see the impact of changes at the business management level.

Quantrix’s cloud-based options also are important to Chibras, who likes that modelers can build apps provide tailored access to ensure that users see just the information that impacts them. “Management can now have a really simple interface that can give them complex solutions,” says Chibras. “They can see what’s going on, they can make changes, and don’t have to [be involved with] modeling processes.”

Watch the full video to learn more about David Chibras’ use of Quantrix for business forecasting and budgeting.

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