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Quantrix Delivers “Incredible Value” for the Astound Commerce Performance Management Solution

October 5, 2016

Anyone who spends enough time with data understands just how much is involved in turning it into valuable and actionable information. For Astound Commerce, the choice to deploy Quantrix Modeler as part of its comprehensive performance management solution means it now has a true decision support system that enables its business professionals to spend less time on the data, and more time using it to run the business more effectively. And it opens up the opportunity for the company to extend the solutions it delivers to its customers.


Alex Nisenboim Technical Architect Astound Commerce

Based in the San Francisco Bay area with offices around the world, Astound Commerce offers strategies, tools, creative services and The Astound Way process to help some of the world’s most recognizable brands create an enhanced digital shopping experience for their customers. In addition to multiple offices, it had numerous systems it used to manage its global business, including financial transaction records, resource management, HR, and more. “We had the classic set up of systems that weren’t connected,” says Alex Nisenboim, Technical Architect, Astound Commerce. “The challenge of analyzing the data was formidable. We needed a comprehensive solution.”

The first step in building the business intelligence stack for the company was to create a single data warehouse. It invested the time and resources required to perform a major extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to create a unified, coherent data warehouse that would provide a trusted data source for BI modeling. But once the data was ready, which tool would deliver the best platform for data modeling, forecasting, and financial insight? “Most tools put the emphasis on data analysis and exploration. They don’t recognize the value of something like a well-formatted P&L,” says Nisenboim. “But Quantrix has data exploration, visualization, and financial formatting working together in something that resembles a spreadsheet environment. We can produce reports that people understand.”

astoundProviding data-driven answers to business questions is the holy grail of business intelligence. Astound Commerce uses Quantrix to deliver insight into various aspects of the business by allowing stakeholders to readily find these answers in a visual, easy-to-understand format. “Who are our best performing customers/projects, viewed by sales, gross margin, utilization rate, or other metric?” says Nisenboim. “We can incorporate all of these and more into one model and use it as a decision support system. Stakeholders can be served different slices of data and different levels of rollups to get answers to questions in a quantitative manner.”

Users are thrilled with the answers and insight that Quantrix delivers. For example, Astound Commerce’s client services team used to spend a lot of time calculating key performance indicators. “With Quantrix, data that KPIs are calculated from flows seamlessly. They can concentrate less on the analytics, and more on the actual management of the accounts,” says Nisenboim. The implementation also positions the company to build analytical and performance management models for clients, a service it plans to add to its portfolio of offerings. “We have built the expertise in delivering the whole solution, starting from managing the data via ETL all the way to building cloud-based models for clients using Quantrix,” says Nisenboim.

The ability to collaborate via the web-based Quantrix Qloud is another positive feature for Astound Commerce. With team members spread throughout Europe and the United States, gathering and sharing data used to be a time-consuming process requiring multiple Google spreadsheets and unreliable data. “Now, we have different stakeholders participating in this dialog, looking at the same analytics all coming from the same data source,” says Nisenboim. “This can only be achieved from a solution like Quantrix.” It has deployed Quantrix’s Enterprise Qloud version, where Astound has an on-premise Qloud server, enabling the company to host models and collaborate via its own private cloud.

With a robust data warehouse serving information into the collaborative Quantrix Qloud for modeling, Astound Commerce now has a single source of data providing precise, tailored views of a company-wide model. “We now have the full stack, from ground to the Qloud,” says Nisenboim. “Quantrix has it all. The value is incredible.”

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